How We’re Returning to Environments that Support Well-Being

The return to school after many months off will require special time and attention from all staff to redevelop relationships and establish supportive routines for students. Students can expect full support from their teachers, Child and Youth Counsellors, Social Workers and Guidance Counsellors. All of our staff will be provided training opportunities to effectively welcome students back. Special transition supports will be available for those students with special needs or for those starting at a new school, such as our grade 9 students. We will also release a special video that shows all students what our schools and classrooms will look like on the first day of school.

Well-Being for Students

  • A Welcome Back video will provide students with an overview of what school will look like - one for elementary students and one for secondary students; it is recommended viewing for students returning to in person learning throughout the school year

  • Students will have access to staff resources to support their return to school, including Special Education Resource Teachers, Social Workers, Child and Youth Counsellors, Guidance Counsellors and Student Success Teachers

  • Partnerships with community agencies will ensure that programs and resources are available to students

Professional Learning and Resources for Staff

  • Staff will use the data from our Parent/Guardian and Student Surveys to inform Board planning for professional learning and student support

  • Staff will engage in professional learning to support student well-being and mental health and awareness of resources

  • Professional learning will have a strong focus on building students' social-emotional learning skills so that they can build resilience, manage their stress and build positive relationships

  • Training and resources will focus on the individual and community impact of the COVID-19 on marginalized groups, and how the challenges that they face have been magnified by the pandemic

  • School Mental Health Ontario will provide school boards with a professional learning framework and toolkit to support the mental health of all students prior to the start of the school year - we will tailor to the needs of our system

Parent Resources

  • We continue to provide resources for parents/caregivers to partner in support of student well-being. These resources are posted at the Board website www.hdsb.ca search “Mental Health and Well-Being Resources”

  • Please reach out to your child’s school for additional resources/supports

How we’re returning to healthy and safe facilities.

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How we’re returning to school routines and processes.


How we’re returning to learning and instruction.


How we’re returning to environments that support well-being.


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