How We’re Returning with Technology Support

To fully support students who will continue with Distance and Virtual Learning we will have plans ready to supply students needing technology and connectivity across our Board. With unified learning platforms like Brightspace for all secondary students, we are more ready than ever to provide students with vibrant distance and virtual learning opportunities. Elementary students' learning will be rooted in Google Classroom. Whether students are learning in person environments or at distance, all of our staff will continue to recognize how Brightspace and Google Classroom can support learning moving forward.

Technology Infrastructure and Tech Support

  • All HDSB schools/buildings have exceptional broadband

  • Every access point in the board has recently been replaced

Devices for Students

  • Schools will continue to support students that do not have access to a device through requests to the Principal. Principals will consider every family has access to a device first, then individual student needs (more than one device per family).

  • Shared technology will be cleaned and disinfected as per the Health and Safety protocols in place.

Provisions for Accessible Formats

Schools will work with students with disabilities to provide accessible platforms including:

  • Prescribed Assistive Technology (SEA)/software

  • G-Suite platform will be used for elementary students and has many accessible features (e.g., Google Chrome Read/Write)

  • Brightspace will be used by secondary students and has a variety of accessibility features to support learners

Internet Connectivity for Students

  • HDSB will continue to support families who are in financial hardship with Internet connectivity through a process of Principal referral to the Information Technology Department.

Online Platforms for Instruction with Students

  • Elementary students will use Google Classroom in G-Suite as their learning platform

  • Secondary students will use Brightspace as their learning management system

Wellness in Remote Learning Environment

Overall wellness is important. Consider the following to support your child with distance and virtual learning.

  • All manufacturers provide product safety guidelines, warnings and suggestions for use. Be sure to read the fineprint.

  • Avoid direct contact of your devices (laptops, ipads, tablets) to your body and/or bare skin.

  • Give your eyes a rest throughout the day - a rest for your eyes can be as simple as looking away from the screen for short breaks.

  • Give your body a break and take time away from your device.

  • Step away from your screen and have some social interaction with others.

Acceptable use of Technology Agreements for Students and Cyber Security/Privacy

  • Numerous resources are available to all schools to support digital citizenship including the Board's Responsible Use Procedures​ for I​nformation and Communication Technology (ICT) use in schools.​​​​​​​

  • Families are encouraged to review HDSB Internet Safety resources with their child(ren)

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